The Hope Zone

Total Wellness for the Entire Family

Mission Statement:  The Hope Zone is dedicated to empowering individuals and families to have strong relationships, live financially stable lives, and be physically healthy as God intended us to live.  

We believe that a strong family, whether it's a traditional family or a group who come together as family, is the key to building a healthy community.  In a society where many families find little to no support until you actually get into crisis, we encourage and equip people with skills before they get into crisis or to get out of a crisis situation.  We work hard to build a judgement-free community that deals with everything from money, to physical fitness, to how to have healthy relationships, and how faith plays a part in every area of our life.  HOPE is part of our name because without HOPE there's no point to change.  

Change Starts With You

Change Your

Family Tree

Change Your Community

What if...

  • You identified an area in your life that you wanted to improve AND actually changed it!  
  • Your spouse and kids jumped on the bandwagon and started making better choices based on what they see you doing.
  • Your change inspired someone else to tackle something that they've been putting off.
  • In turn their friends and neighbors realized that they could make a difference too.

That is the heart of The Hope Zone!